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The "Oklahoma Tornado Photo Recovery" Project asks residents and visitors to those areas in the path of the tornado's destruction and the surrounding areas to search for photographs, save them, post them on facebook, and help us reunite them with their owners!

We're partnering with National Disaster Photo Rescue and their Oklahama Photo Rescue project to help spread the word about "picture patrols," photo drop-offs and restoration efforts.

Project Administrator: Leslie H.
Project Coordinator: Becky M.
Project Coordinator: Sarah D.


Step One: Generously apply gratitude! Thank you for your offer to help us connect these lost family treasures with their owners either by finding and posting photos, participating in a PICTURE PATROL or making a DONATION of SUPPLIES NEEDED to help with our efforts!

Step Two: Scream it from the rooftops! We need people to know to collect and save the pictures they find so our first request is a simple one--TELL EVERYONE and ask them to join our facebook page and share our page on your own page

Step Three: Look around your property and the places you visit, and if you find photos you do not recognize, please collect them and save them.

Step Four: If you're able to scan the photos, or take a photo of the photo, do so and share it on OUR facebook page. If you're unable to do so, please take the photos to one of the many drop-off locations that have been set up in the area.

Follow these rules when posting:

1) Don't post SS#'s or Bank Information! If you have found something that you wouldn't feel comfortable sharing personally then please don't share it.

2) Please only post pictures you have found. We want to keep down the clutter. The pictures of the storm are amazing but they are cluttering up the feed and we have to stay focused on our goal of helping our fellow Oklahoman's be reunited with their photos.

3) When the picture has been identified and returned to the owner please add a comment letting us know they've reunited.

4) Keep up the great work and say a prayer for those impacted by the storms.

Step Five: We will ask you all again to use the power of social media and let people know about the page so they can identify their photos! Keep up the great work and say a prayer for those impacted by the storms.

Click here for the Volunteer Application for National Disaster Photo Rescue (cleaning, scanning, storing, media, etc.)


We've compiled answers to your frequently asked questions. Please click here to download a pdf which contains those answers. If you have additional questions not addressed here, please email one of the volunteers, or visit our facebook page where photos are being shared, and owners are being found.

Project Administrator: Leslie H.
Project Coordinator: Becky M.
Project Coordinator: Sarah D.





Most photos, negatives and color slides can be cleaned and air-dried using the following steps:

Carefully lift the photos from the mud and dirty water. Remove photos from water-logged albums and separate any that are stacked together, being careful not to rub or touch the wet emulsion of the photo surface. Handle only the edges of the photos.

Gently rinse both sides of the photo in a bucket or sink of clear, cold water. Don't rub the photos and be sure to change the water frequently.

If you have time and space right away, lay each wet photo face up on any clean blotting paper, such as a paper towel. Don't use newspapers or printed paper towels, as the ink may transfer to your wet photos. Change the blotting paper every hour or two until the photos dry. Try to dry the photos inside if possible, as sun and wind will cause photos to curl more quickly.

If you don't have time right away to dry your damaged photos, just rinse them to remove any mud and debris. Carefully stack the wet photos between sheets of wax paper and seal them in a Ziploc type plastic bag. If possible, the photos in the fridge to inhibit damage. This way photos can be cool, separated and air-dried later when you have the time to do it properly.


Studio Innovations
201 N. Broadway, Suite #104
Moore, OK 73160
(Inside the Moore Old School building)

Dental Depot
2709 Interstate 35 Frontage Rd
Moore, OK 73160

Suburban Baptist Church
424 E Main Street
Moore, OK 73160

All area Walgreens

Candid Color Systems Inc.
1300 Metropolitan Ave
Oklahoma City, OK 73108

Oklahoma School of Photography
2306 N Moore Ave
Moore, OK 73160

Arvest Bank Locations:
All locations Norman and Tulsa OK

Dental Depot Locations
All locations in Moore, OK


NDPR needs the following items to assist in this part of the disaster relief efforts. Items will be used to equip and train the Oklahoma ground team. All items, except the used dryer sheets, need to be new. Thank you in advance for your help. Items may be dropped off at Studio Innovations, 201 N. Broadway, Moore, OK or contact NDPR at 405-626-3686 or 417-358-8161.


Document/file storage boxes
    (still folded down flat)

File folders

Large manila envelopes

Legal note pads

Post it notes

Black and red Sharpies


Rubber bands

Pens and Pencils

Electric pencil sharpener

Copy paper

2 inch Binders

Page protectors

Face masks (allergy masks)

Plastic gloves

Small to medium size electric fans

Dell computers

Epson scanners

Used dryer sheets (yes used)

Gift Cards


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